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Innovation Challenge

The 2020 What's Next Longevity Venture Summit Innovation Challenge is hosted by Mary Furlong & Associates and sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs.


Challenge Statement

"How can new, disruptive solutions drive adoption and usage of hearing aids by the millions of hearing impaired in the USA?"

Application Criteria

  • ​Limited to startup companies with less than $500,000 in annual revenue
  • Limited to startup companies who have raised a maximum of $5M in investor funding
  • Must apply by February 18, 2020, 11:59 PM PST
  • Finalists will be chosen and notified by May 1, 2020 and must be available to make a live streaming presentation on June 25 at the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit.

About the Finalists

Here are the Finalists for The 2020 What's Next Longevity Venture Summit Innovation Challenge:


AudioCardio is a data and science backed mobile app that assesses your hearing and generates a personalized sound therapy (inaudible) designed to maintain and improve your hearing ability.

Active Life Hearing Loops, LLC

​We design and install systems for clear, universally compatible one-to-many communications from venue audio systems directly to the hearing aids of audience members.

Alango — Wear & Hear

​Personalizable self-tuned hearing amplifier with Bluetooth and Telecoil support and assistive listening capabilities.

Yes Hearing

​Increasing access to leading hearing care and devices through our network of home-call audiologists and website.

​Asius Technologies, LLC

​We have patented a bubble like airbag that attaches to any hearing aid and gently connects the hearing aid to the ear canal to provide a comfortable fit with unmatched sound quality.

Singular Hearing, Inc

HeardThat is a hearing assistive smartphone app that uses the power of machine learning to help people hear speech better in noisy social situations.